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Create reliable Websites,
fastly and easly with this project!

This project is intended to provide a dynamic and flexible menu and content areas to the website.
The good looking content and multimedia you will still have to create/setup.

Visitors can also browse it in Plain HTML or even in text mode without any additional changes to the Content files.

You can edit your homepages with front ends like Mozilla Composer.
The only requirement is that your content files have this: <body onload="parent.WTCloadContent()">

It is good to learn a bit of CSS and HTML to setup your website properly at "Menu/Preferences" link.

What you see here aren't frames!
These are just tables, and the body part of the Content html files are loaded into the
Content Table Cell.

Example websites can be found at my other projects from the menu.

You can add Comments, Suggestions and Bug Reports at
Copyright (C) 2005 by Henrique Abdalla <>